Turn around time details

Orders up to 2481 have been completed & mailed.

Now processing orders 2482 - 2556.

21-30 business day TAT for all orders.  

3/30- if you still need hand sanitizer email us— Info@cocoapink.net. We still have some available, we just removed it from the site.

3/28- update- We have postponed our spring & summer release.  We are not sure at this moment if we will update the site to the existing spring/summer scents and just not release anything new or skip it altogether right now.  We may have to shut down our website and close our business to comply with our state officials.  We do not operate our business out of our home, so this may be something we are forced to do.  We will have no choice but to leave orders unfinished until we are able to open again.  Please rest assured that we will process and mail your order out as soon as we can get it completed.  But, Shower Butter will need to come down today.  It is too hot here now to ship and will only be worse by the time we are able to fill any orders coming in after today.  One other note of bad news, our Glissade had to be removed from the site due to supplier issues.  We are no longer able to obtain one of the main ingredients and may not be able to get it again.  We will work on a reformulation if that happens.  We did have enough left to fill existing orders, so those customers will be receiving their products.  Again, all of this could change at any moment.  We will keep you updated as soon as there are new developments.


3/24 --Please note that our TAT & our open status could change at any time.  We are attempting to keep things going and fill orders as quickly as we can.  We have run in to a few supplier issues and will try to resolve them as they come up.  Please understand if your usual product comes in a new container as this is out of our control right now.  We are trying to keep up with what we may need way in advance, but some items are just not available to us anymore.  If the need arises, we could be forced to temporarily discontinue items as we see fit.  Suppliers are slammed filling orders and our shipments are taking as much as twice as long and in some cases more to reach us.  We are still planning on switching over to spring/summer on April 3rd.  If anything changes on this front we will be sure to let you know.

Stay safe ~ Beverly & Stephanie

Business days are Monday - Friday not including weekends or holidays.

Order Processing Time (a.k.a Turnaround Time or TAT) is a calculation of business days starting from the next day of order initiation to the day of anticipated shipment. Time in transit is not calculated or applied to posted turnaround time.  Order processing time does not include weekends, holidays, or any other circumstance during which CocoaPink is closed. 

We strive to process your order within the TAT listed on our website. However during periods of high volume, Order Processing Time is subject to change without prior notice.