Turn around time details


 Now Processing order #'s  4642 - 4742.

Unfortunately, all shipping to the UK has been suspended until we can best learn to navigate all the new rules for the tax requirements for Brexit.  We are applying for the needed documents at this time and will reinstate shipping to the UK once we are all set.  We apologize for this inconvenience. 

We are open and processing orders as they come in.  Please be aware that products could go out of stock as we run out of our supplies. Bottles, jars & vials may be impacted and might have to be substituted for a similar style or size. If we have to use another container for your product, we will always try to replace with a like size or larger.  We are having a hard time receiving some of the materials we need to make some products.  We will keep you posted if your items are impacted.

Turn around time is 30+ business days.  If you ordered on the first day of the Black Friday sale, your orders will be completed sooner.  The later you order, the longer the TAT.  We can not guarantee any order to be received before Christmas. We will try our best to get them all out, but can't promise at this time.
Business days are Monday - Friday not including weekends or holidays.

Order Processing Time (a.k.a Turnaround Time or TAT) is a calculation of business days starting from the next day of order initiation to the day of anticipated shipment. Time in transit is not calculated or applied to posted turnaround time.  Order processing time does not include weekends, holidays, or any other circumstance during which CocoaPink is closed. 

We strive to process your order within the TAT listed on our website. However during periods of high volume (like during a Black Friday Sale), Order Processing Time is subject to change without prior notice.

International Customers- Please be aware, in some cases, shipping internationally is taking approximately 2- 3 months to reach its destination.

 We unfortunately have had to discontinue Italian Waffle Cookie.  If you have ordered it you may be receiving an email from us soon.  We have been advised we can no longer obtain and have very little left.

***fyi*** Got a couple of questions about orders going out before others from our Black Friday sale.

We process a large number of orders at one time, this means one person makes every lotion in that bunch while another makes every perfume, etc. I, Beverly, go in on Sundays and work. I put together the orders that are complete at that time and I package them. This way we don’t have 100 orders to package at one time and ship. So while it may seem someone else’s order was done before yours, it was in fact not. They are all being made at the same time and depending on what you order and what we have done, that is when your order may go out within the 100 we are processing at a time.